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Married Woman Stories

Wife's Lover
Dave had decided to finish work early. It had been a tough day and he had resolved to cut his losses, so to speak, and go home. As he started his car and pulled out of the office parking lot and into the main stream of afternoon traffic, an idea struck him. It was 4.30pm and his wife Anna should now be finishing her day teaching gym at the local college. Dave decided that he would swing by the college, pick up his wife and then surprise her with an impromptu meal at a nice restaurant. Maybe a little R&R was what he needed as well!

Asian Wife
This story I am about to tell you happened in the Philippines when my wife, Kim and I were stationed there with the military. Itís been over ten years now and Iíd like to tell what happened that awoke our marriage and still causes me great excitement to remember till this day.

Kim and I had met five years prior to our assignment to the Philippines when I was stationed in South Korea. We had been to the states together and back to Korea but she wasnít ready to return after our next Korean assignment in 1983. Kim asked if we could stay overseas and get a long assignment somewhere in Asia. This would allow her to visit home occasionally. I volunteered and somehow, we ended up in the Philippines for a three-year tour.

Wife With Two Men
This night we are at the Friday night Fredericks dance at a nudist resort. Judy started out the evening wearing a black silk robe; now she is naked. We have been there for several hours. Two men have been at the same table as us for almost an hour, Ted and Tony. Both about our age. Business men from Atlanta; here just for the weekend. At one point Ted asks Judy to dance. It was a fast dance and she said okay. They looked good on the floor. Tony said that Judy was a lot of fun to be with. I said that she's great. The song ended but Judy and Ted stayed on the dance floor.

Betrayed By My Slut Wife
Since the accident, things had been tough between my wife and myself. It seemed that Debbie could hardly bear to look at me let alone talk to me. It was as if I didn't exist anymore; she seemed cold and empty and seemed to be perpetually sad. I spoke to her; tried to cheer her up but she just ignored me, just sort of looked straight through me.

I guess the accident was my fault; but it was just that - an accident. I didn't do it on purpose. Debbie and I had been arguing as I drove. For some weeks I had been convinced that she was seeing another man and I just couldn't keep my feelings to myself any longer. I'd blurted out my suspicions as we drove to the restaurant. It was late evening and it had been raining. The mountain road was slick and treacherous, but I'd driven it many times before and reckoned I knew every bend and curve. What I didn't reckon on, though, was the drunk driver that came hurtling towards us. I slammed on the brakes and slewed the car towards the side of the road. I remember the quiet of the still night air being suddenly interrupted by the sounds of squealing tyres, a screaming Debbie and breaking glass - then silence again.

Dirty Sex
She lay there, unable to move. The bindings that held her wrists and ankles, taut. The blindfold cutting out any light, but not stopping the sounds of breathing. How many? She were unsure, all she knew that it started at three, two men held her down as the third lashed her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. her clothing removed, not kindly, ripped and torn. The panties, sheer silk panties, ripped from her body. Total exposure of her shaved pussy, total exposure to her full breasts.

It was a quiet night, her sat alone at home, looking at the clock. He was late, again, as usual. her knew, damn well knew that he would roll up home, blasted, hammered.

A Truly Special Wife
For years I had fantasized about my wife having sex with a complete stranger, but little did I know that not only would my fantasy come true but with so many men. Let me tell you about my wife. Sam is 40 years old with shoulder length red hair and 42DD breasts. She is short, only 5' 4" tall and legs that could make any man horny just looking at them. She is a little heavy but has more than enough sex appeal.

Confessions of an English Housewife
If you like stories that get to the sexual gymnastics in a few paragraphs don't bother reading this one.

This is about eroticism. The slow build up to hearing my usually shy wife confess to me her sexual adventures. Most men that have a desire to see or hear about their wives with other men will agree that it would be the anticipation and slow build up that gave the greatest turn on. She, and the men, let themselves gradually go one step farther into illicit sex. Listening to my wife telling me the details was the biggest turn on of my life, though she did it reluctantly.

The Slut I Married
When I married Jane, I knew she was no virgin. She was easy to get in the sack and had no inhibitions. But little did I know she was as experienced as I later found out she was. We were both in college and fell madly in love and married after our junior year. When we returned to school after our marriage, everything seemed normal as we got to know each other better. It turned us both on to talk about our prior sex adventures as foreplay to love making.

Jane gradually began to open up and I learned that she had been quite a party girl. She told me that her panties had become trophies for many horny guys. I imagined her panties hanging on the wall of more than one dorm room. She hinted at being the center attraction at a gang bang, but I could not tell if it was fantasy or reality. I found that the thought of her fucking a room full of guys excited me immensely. Jane had a great ass -- one of those that was soft and round and made for fucking. Her tits had enormous nipples that stuck out when she got horny. She kept her blond bush well trimmed.

An Evening with My Wife
We get home from the restaurant quite late. You are wearing an elegant green velvet evening dress. I am wearing my suit. We dump our stuff and I go to the toilet. When I return, the lights are off and you have lit seven or eight candles around the room. You put a hand to your lips, indicating silence. You walk over to me and turn around. Your dress has a lace up back, as I pull the laces it slips apart revealing your bra strap and the very top of your suspender belt.

The Married Woman
My heart was beating as I walked up the front steps of the house. I went to ring the door bell, but hesitated for a second and looked around. It looked like any other house. Mini-van in the driveway, freshly cut lawn, flowerbeds. Just another piece of suburbia. Slowly, I reached up and pressed the doorbell.

I could hear the bell resonating from inside the house, followed by a pleasant, feminine voice.

A Hot Wife
I was sitting here thinking just how lucky I am. First of all, I am married to the most wonderful man on this earth. Now I know all women should feel like that their first few years of marriage. I feel that this feeling will never go away. You see, Bobby is two years older than I am and he is great. I knew him all through high school, and when he joined the Air Force, we kept in touch. I dated almost every night and the month after I graduated, Bobby came home on a 30-day leave. Well, I won't bore you, so I'll just say that at the end of those 30 days, I was married, and off to Texas I went with him to his new base.


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